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As I reflect on the past year, I am reminded of how deeply proud I am to be a part of Elevate Indianapolis. Since January 2016, Elevate has continued to show up for our students, knowing that positive, caring, long-term relationships are the catalyst for positive change. Put simply, relationships change everything

This includes Teacher-Mentor to student relationships, Elevate peer relationships, cross-age mentoring relationships and those valuable relationships with our community partners our students and alumni make through Elevate “family” as our students often refer to us.

Elevate creates the environment for students to thrive, and in turn, students’ behavior, resiliency, and social-emotional health dramatically improves.

Thanks to your support, we are building up the next generation of thriving leaders.


Elevate Sports & Adventure March Madness Basketball Tourney - Volunteer

Spring Break 2023 will play host to Elevate Indy’s annual 3v3 Basketball Tournament. During this Sports & Adventure event, students from George Washington, Arsenal Tech, and Purdue Poly High Schools will have the opportunity to show their skills and play in a fun tournament, while learning how to build up those around them. There will be fun on the court, a DJ playing great music, food from a local business, and a guest speaker who will deliver an inspiring talk on the importance of character and the choices we make in our life.

We are seeking people that would be willing to be refs, food servers, check-in/event greeters, and scoreboard runners for this event.



We are thankful for the partners who support our work at Elevate both financially and through service. This month, we are highlighting The Creek which has been funding and supporting the “Thriving Youth Scholarship,” through which Elevate has been able to provide small scholarships to graduating seniors and alumni who may need financial help with school and vocational related items to help them become thriving contributors in life beyond high school. Through this scholarship, which started in January 2021, we have helped students purchase books for college, attend specialized vocational training, and acquire necessary items such as welding boots.

The Creek


We have year-round and event-specific volunteer opportunities for individuals and corporations to get involved. You are invited to volunteer with Elevate this year and help us as we go Deep and Wide this year to make a bigger impact.

Check out some upcoming Volunteer Opportunities below and get involved!



Kimora, a George Washington High School Class of 2023 student has been in the Elevate program since her freshman year.

She feels that “Elevate is very family-oriented, everything is about family. Everything with Elevate is just real opening – you feel comfortable. You can trust people. They seem more like an aunt or uncle than your teacher. You bond with them more. They actually come see you at your house, take you to lunch, and you guys actually speak about your problems and stuff together. It’s just a happy, safe place.

Watch Kimora’s video to hear more of how Elevate has always been there for her and donate today to help students like Kimora find support through our programs.


Kimora, GWHS Senior Class of '23 shares what being a part of Elevate has meant to her to her.

Kimora had the opportunity to finish all of her required classes at the end of last semester and will walk in May with her fellow Class of 2023 seniors.

She is currently working as an apprentice mechanic at City Life Wheels learning the ins and outs of auto maintenance and repair and is looking to make this a life-long career.


In case you missed it, we recently released our 2022 Annual Report. Throughout the pages of the report, you will read about the undeniable, measurable impact that Elevate Indianapolis is having on our kids. While the challenges faced by our youth are numerous, we continue to show up with positive, caring, long-term relationships to create an environment where students can be more resilient and thrive. But don’t just take our word for it, read the 2022 Annual Report for yourself and see how Relationships Change Everything.