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accredited classes


Course Titles

Intro to Elevate : Grades 9,10

Elevater: Grades Grades 10,11
Elevate Beyond : Upperclassman

Intro to Elevate 

By taking part in the Intro to Elevate class, students learn to elevate themselves, their peers, their families, and their communities through the lens of the “7 parts of a whole person” and Elevate’s “13 character qualities and life skills”. Importantly, the course is based on each student’s perception of their own life and involves a paradigm shift in their understanding of their place in the world. Such a shift is possible when students learn about their passions and how to translate those passions into action to create positive change in their world. To prepare for such an audacious adventure, students have a chance to discover the wisdom of their past, the power of their present and the avenues to create a bold future.


High school students are guided through their own personal leadership development within the context of 7 character qualities and 6 life skills. In addition, students are fitted with essential teaching, mentoring and leadership skills to become Elevate mentors (called Elevaters) who deliver lessons of leadership and character to elementary-age students. The course provides a balance of class work relating to the development and use of: (1) listening skills, (2) communication skills, (3) facilitation skills, (4) decision-making skills, (5) leadership and mentoring skills, (6) character and life skills and (7) teaching strategies. By taking part in this course, students are empowered to be leaders in their own lives and agents of positive social change in the lives of others by building long-term life-changing relationships with adults, their peers and younger students.

Elevate Beyond

Elevate Beyond is a highly engaging and interactive experience where students will uncover their personal passions and create paths to pursue those passions through the utilization of 7 character qualities and 6 life skills. Along the way, you will work with Elevate Teacher-Mentors who help you prepare for and carry out your post-high school plan, whether it involves university, community college, trade-school, the military, the workplace or entrepreneurship. In addition, Elevate Beyond students will design and deliver a service project to benefit the community, which integrates their identified passions, skills and high school plan.

Topics to be explored include life-planning, the discovery of colleges and programs of study, career paths, post-secondary admission processes, ACT/SAT/placement testing, financial aid/scholarships, presentation and interview skills, personal financial literacy, resumes and personal statements, job searches, study skills, academic habits, and relationship-based decision-making.