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the impact

The lives of Elevate students are evolving and improving every day. Here’s how we measure the impact.

Elevate's 10 year vision

By 2033 Elevate Indianapolis will serve 2,000+ students annually at least
250 “Elevate Seniors” achieving a 100% graduation rate, with 80% having an
actionable plan for post-secondary success.  People who live in central
Indiana, who care about economic mobility, workforce development, youth
development, and seeing healthier communities and academic success
appreciate the holistic impact Elevate Indy has with IPS students.

We Measure Student Growth using the Thriving Youth Scorecard:

96% of Elevate students are on-track-to-graduate high school.

79% report having a deep relationship with their Teacher-Mentor.

75% help with chores at home every day.

54% serve people regularly because of the influence of their Teacher-Mentor.

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results driven

Elevate Students take Pre and Post surveys annually to track the impact of our program on Education, Community, Character, and Social & Emotional Health. Additionally, our staff track their time spent in each of our four program service areas daily to allow us to determine the optimal use of our resources. 

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