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The goal for each graduating student is that they secure post-secondary placement by enrolling in either college, military, or trade school By earning a dipolma and receiving preparednedd training while in high school, students are more likely to earn admittance into post-secondary opportuntites and succed once enrolled. The post-secondary placement rate for Elevate Pathways to Purpose students is 73% higher than the average rate for non-Elevate students.

Meaningful educational and vocational growth opportunities after high school can change a graduate’s trajectory and put them on a pathway to purpose and to providing for themselves. Elevate is striving for 100% post-secondary placement for students who in the Pathways to Purpose College & Career program.

For this reason, Elevate’s Pathways to Purpose programming creates an avenue to increase future earning power and climb out of intergenerational poverty. We connect students to people and opportunities they would not be able to access their own. These pathways provide students with many first-time and unique experiences with Indy companies, area colleges, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 

Helping Indianapolis Urban Youth find A Pathway to Purpose.

The relationship between educational attainment and income, employment, and health is well documented. These savings can generate an economic impact that benefits residents and employers throughout Indianapolis for generations to come. These benefits are passed on to employers who experience decreased recruitment costs, training costs, new hire costs, and turnover rates.

Assuming Marion County median wages, turnover rates, and national hiring cost averages, these benefits add up. Employers can save as much as $10,800 per each Elevate Pathways to Purpose student hired.

Pathways to Purpose is organized around four themes designed to connect students with post-secondary opportunities including: 

Exposing students to colleges, careers, and businesses. 
Equipping students with soft skills, leadership, and financial literacy training. 
Empowering students with college and career mentoring, social-emotional support, career & personality assessments, and ACT/SAT prep sessions. 
Engaging students in internships, job shadowing, apprenticeships, and community college events. 

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