From the CEO – Aaron Story | Elevate Indianapolis

There is a danger right here in Indianapolis, in our community, in our city.

When we hear the phrase “at-risk,” we have to ask ourselves “what is this danger and who is at risk?”

I would argue that the number of those that would be considered “at-risk” is a lot wider then we may care to fully admit.  I would argue that it’s Elevate students who live in our city are “at-risk” of violence and crime every day, that Indianapolis business owners, and community members, are “at-risk” of losing a talent pipeline of gifted and deserving youth that are right in their own community, and lastly our city as a whole is at risk of raising the unemployment rate and plummeting into more debt.

This risk is real and let me tell you today that the problem is NOT the students.

Our students are hungry for education, for personal connection, for mentorship on their future. We encourage them to make good choices that will keep them safe and alive. Our Teacher-Mentors challenge the students daily to work hard in school, get good grades and prepare for their future to join the talent pipeline and give back to their city. With Elevate, students are encouraged to find a meaningful career path in which they can be passionate and successful. We desire to build thriving contributors that give back to their community.



Indianapolis needs organizations and people who are willing to help, join in and protect, educate and serve the next generation. Our students and our city deserve us to do better together.

Elevate Indianapolis is serving students daily, but we’re not doing it alone. We collaborate daily with our community partners, strong partners who support our students along their Pathway to Purpose. Our work is stronger because of other organizations who have agreed that it is time to “Elevate Their Community, Elevate Our City!”



Today, I encourage you to continue to support Elevate Indianapolis and the other great organizations working with Indianapolis youth. Our city is worth protecting, and your support makes all the difference. 

As we are nearing the near year and the start of 2024, we are asking for help to raise $150,000 to support our programming. Just like we need many organizations to work together to support our students, we need advocates who are willing to rise up during this season to help us reach our goal. Your tax-deductible donation today will directly impact our students, our community, our city. If you would like to make a gift you can click the button below or text ELEVATEINDY to 53-555.

Help us raise $150,000