July 24 Newsletter | Elevate Indianapolis
Elevate Indy Westside Wednesdays

 Hello there!

We are excited to bring you another Westside Wednesday update as the first day of school and Elevate programming is Monday, August 5th!

As previously mentioned, the new Elevate Westside pipeline will serve students attending George Washington High School & Matchbook Learning at Wendell Phillips School 63, as a feeder elementary and middle school.

We found through our first pipeline, at Arsenal Technical High School, that over 25% of our students currently reside in these Near Westside zip codes. With the launching of our second pipeline, this multi-year approach in Near Westside schools will strategically position Elevate Indy to ignite our method for the type of long-term systemic community change our model is designed to activate.

This expansion will position Elevate to deepen our presence intentionally in a targeted area of our city that will build the momentum of community change, activate a broader-based of community and fiscal partners, and create sustainable growth opportunities for at-risk students and their families.


With the launch of our new pipeline, we are excited to announce that Kelly Maxwell and Mabel Moreno will be Teacher/Mentors at George Washington High School.

“I’m excited to embed myself into the historic Westside community and become an advocate towards building a better future for our kids, one student at a time.” – Kelly

As Teacher/Mentors, they will serve and advocate for the students on the Westside by teaching them valuable life skills and character qualities, provide them with practical post-secondary preparedness and opportunities, offer leadership development and team-building adventure programming, and offer 24/7/365 mentoring to every student they serve.

“I am excited to join the GW team & feel it is a privilege to pioneer our Elevate model to serve the urban youth in our city’s Westside” – Mabel

In addition to their roles at Teacher/Mentors, they will also be key in establishing relationships on the Westside with our community partners. 


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