Showing Up For Students Like Mikayla | Elevate Indianapolis
Providing essential items such as food, toiletries, and physical assistance for our students has become a high priority during this global crisis. The most vulnerable youth in our city have had their lives flipped upside down, and we are committed to supporting them by meeting them exactly where they are.

Meet Mikayla, a 10th grade student at Arsenal Tech High School

Many of our Elevate students just like Mikayla have seen their families struggle due to loss of income and no longer have the consistency of their schools, sports and community centers as places of comfort during this traumatic season. Today, the relationships we have with our students are stronger than ever.

Elevate is a helpful and supportive program and class to be in at school. It has helped me a lot throughout the school year. My Teacher-Mentor, Mrs. Garza, has really helped me pull through personal problems, doing a lot of things for me just out of the kindness of her heart. If you’re going through too much at once and you feel alone or want to talk to somebody or want somebody to help lead you in the right way and to make the right decisions, Elevate is where you should go. I appreciate all my Teacher-Mentors for EVERYTHING they have done for me, literally.” – Mikayla

Our Teacher-Mentors are providing critical social and emotional support as students are experiencing significantly more trauma from being in very stressed home environments. Teacher-Mentors have logged countless Zoom and phone calls over the past month listening to and sharing guidance with students and have intervened in multiple family crises where our students moved out of home as a result.

In this season, we have been appealing to partners to resource our Teacher-Mentors with funding for food and essential items for our students being at home for such large periods of time. We have provided gift cards and boxes of food and essential items to nearly 100 students and their families in addition to providing rent assistance and other supports.