It’s Always Good to Learn From People Who’ve Already Been There… | Elevate Indianapolis
The hallmark of the Elevate program is the relationships that are developed among our students and their Teacher-Mentors. One of Elevate’s core beliefs is that long-term, 24/7 relationships with caring adults have proven positive outcomes in the lives of urban youth. So, today we are taking a minute to highlight one such relationship between Mr. Meyers, a Teacher-Mentor at Arsenal Tech, and his student Donald.

We caught up with Donald and Mr. Meyers to ask each of them a few questions!

So Donald, how has Elevate helped you grow as a person?

“Elevate has helped me grow as a person drastically because…I’ve gotten so much more mature, and just overall, I’ve grown from…a very bad depressing state–just being around Mr. Myers, Ms. Garza, [and] Mr. Adams has really boosted my confidence level drastically.”

What effect has spending time with Mr. Myers had on your life?

“So much! He has…gotten me to the point where it’s just, instead of talking about it, go and get it. Actions before words.”

Lastly, what are some goals you have coming for this school year?

“This school year…I want to do better than I did last year. I want to definitely maintain a 3.0. That’s first priority. And then just focus on mine and other people’s relationships with each other throughout the school year.”

Mr. Meyers, what is your favorite thing about Donald?

“My favorite thing about Donald is that he’s a sponge. Literally since one of the first days that I met him, he was willing to…maybe put away his opinion and listen to cold, hard facts or listen to my opinion, or even some things that I made mistakes on in my past that he could learn from…It’s always good to learn from people who’ve already been there! I enjoy spending time with him for that reason, because he’s a learner, and he’s always willing to learn even if he disagrees, just to hear a different point of view. The growth that I’ve seen in him since I’ve met him has been tremendous. He’s been able to get away from [people] that may not always be positive, to go and get [something] positive…Seeing him being willing to separate his from his friends and kinda do the things that other kids his age aren’t really willing to do…definitely brings me joy, and I’m so proud of him.”