Holistic Care to Navigate the Toughest Challenges | Elevate Indianapolis

While we do provide our students with basic relief essentials and educational resources (like food, toiletries, and computers to continue their studies), more holistic care is especially critical to our students with traumatic life experiences. A positive relationship with their caring mentors is essential to ensure they don’t have to navigate life’s toughest challenges alone.

During this season we are committed to making sure our students have what they need by providing sound mentoring and consistent love.” -Ms. Kara Simmons, Teacher-Mentor, George Washington

Jamyla, a 16 year old, George Washington High School, has experienced this first-hand from her Elevate support system.


 I feel way more secure knowing that I can come talk to Ms. Simmons, my Elevate Teacher-Mentor, because me and my sister can express how we feel with the chaos going on around us. And I’m glad she listens to our problems and helps us go through them; it really good for my mental health and for many others.
The mentors in Elevate are very confidential, and because of that I am very open to discuss what’s going on with me on my bad days, personal situations, etc.  Over time, I have become real comfortable because Elevate shows that they care and they really treat us all fairly.

Elevate helps with a lot of things like building yourself, making us out to be leaders, and overall it teaches you a lot in a different perspective. In this season, Elevate has been very helpful. They gave us gift cards for food, and they have been very supportive and understanding.  A lot of kids really need people like them!”