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Seen, Known, Heard, and Loved. These are all little words with big meanings. To a student with no positive adult relationships, feeling seen, known, heard, or loved can be a rare occasion. Students are left to navigate life’s toughest challenges alone. But you can help them. You can give a student the support they need and a Teacher-Mentor to help them each step of the way.

After graduating from Arsenal Technical High School this year, Ricardo plans to attend Marian University’s four-year nursing program. He grew up facing many challenges as a first-generation American.

“Elevate helped me get into my dream school, Marian University. They introduced me to key people there who helped me get admitted,” states Ricardo. “Elevate has encouraged me to work hard toward being a great student. I feel comfortable talking with my Teacher-Mentors about any tough issues, such as helping me figure out how to pay for college. Elevate has always been there when I need them the most. They are there to take me out when I am feeling down. I want to thank everyone at Elevate that has been there for me. Thank you to my Teacher-Mentors for teaching me about life and exposing me to opportunities I otherwise would not have.”

While a member of the class of 2021, Andrew graduated early in the fall of 2020 from Arsenal Technical High School. Currently, he is working to save some money before heading off to Indiana State University to study exercise science in the fall. Andrew has big dreams of becoming a business owner in either the field of sports medicine or by owning a coffee shop.

“My Teacher-Mentors have enabled me to express myself. They hear me when I speak, and they have allowed me to represent who I am to others,” explains Andrew. “My Teacher-Mentors at Elevate truly want me to become a better person. They push me constantly, and they show up whenever I need them. Elevate is more than just a program I go to — they are family to me.

Upon her graduation in May, Stephanie will be attending Taylor University on a full scholarship thanks to the Act Six program. Stephanie is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Worship Arts.

“Elevate has comforted me through some really tough times. By recognizing my efforts and rewarding my accomplishments, Elevate has encouraged me to keep moving forward, introduced me to life-changing opportunities, and helped me believe in myself. They helped me find my voice and use it to be a leader in my community.” Stephanie continues, “Elevate has been an amazing part of my life, and I am thankful for my Teacher-Mentors. They have made achieving my dreams possible by helping me work through, and even coming to embrace, the things that I viewed as weaknesses and flaws.”

Each of these students’ testimonies echoes the impact of being Seen, Known, Heard, and Loved. Their stories, and countless others like them, demonstrate the difference that a positive adult relationship can have in the life of a struggling student. There is a student right now who longs to be seen, known, heard, and loved. You can help make it possible.

We have a goal is to raise $20,000 to help urban high school students graduate and prepare for success after graduation. Their individual needs vary, but every child has amazing potential. Each one is extremely important to us and we know they are important to you. A gift today will help a struggling student graduate by giving them individualized support both inside and outside of the classroom.

Will you give an urban student the help and support they need to graduate from high school? Every day they are seen, known, heard, and loved matters and brings them one step closer to realizing they can achieve their dreams.

You can equip a student in the program with what they need to begin to change their life’s story. You can help a child receive the encouragement they need to work towards their goals and build a foundation for a successful future. Click the button below to partner with Elevate.




With your help, more students in our city will receive the care they need to feel Seen, Know, Heard, and Loved. And that makes all the difference.

Thank you for generous giving that will make a long-term, life-changing investment in the lives of our students.