March 2021 CEO Update | Elevate Indianapolis

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hit daily with reminders of the often desperate outcries of our young people who want more. Among our Elevate staff and students, the athletes I mentor, partner programs, or our all too often tragic news, the signs are louder than dozens of “Kokomo High School State Champs 1961″ billboards–the young people in our city living in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods are ready for more than what our city has offered.

More opportunities, more support, more activities and engagement, more for their futures, and more people who believe in their potential right now.

At Elevate Indy, we believe in the intrinsic dignity of every person AND act accordingly. Acting accordingly is essential in this season. For us, that is grounded in our commitment to building long-term, life-changing relationships

The students we invest in are thirsty for more meaningful life-on-life relationships and college & career opportunities; they need people to mourn as they mourn and join in celebrating their successes.

While our model has adapted, stretched, and been challenged over the past year, we’ve realigned ourselves as an organization to make sure mentoring is the priority through each of our program areas. Thanks to you, we’re doubling our mentoring impact, have fully staffed our Pathways to Purpose college & career department, and are tracking our largest senior class ever

You’re making it possible, so thank you! 
Serving with you,