Elevate Expands Pathways to Purpose in 2021! | Elevate Indianapolis

As the new year kicks off, we have exciting news to share with you! Thanks to local foundations and businesses, led by continued support from the generous Arthur Dean Family Foundation, we are expanding our Pathways to Purpose programming.

“At the heart of our Pathways to Purpose programming is a desire to help students achieve what they deemed unachievable.” -Adam Johnson, Elevate Indianapolis Teacher-Mentor & Pathways to Purpose Manager

We are striving to double our college and career outcomes in 2021, including a summer bridge program, as a result of the expansion of the Pathways to Purpose program. There are four key pillars in the program: Exposing, Equipping, Empowering, and Engaging. By expanding, the students involved in this program will be able to go more in-depth with these fundamental pillars to long-term success.

In preparing for the expansion, Adam Johnson, Pathways to Purpose Manager, has completed the Indiana Skillful Governor’s Coaching Corps training. Congratulations to Adam! We are onboarding two new staff members dedicated to establishing this program as its own department within the organization: Pathways to Purpose Coordinator and Elevate Beyond Lead Teacher-Mentor.


Pathways to Purpose Committee

One of Elevate’s core values is the belief that collaboration yields the best long-term results, acknowledging that the complex work within our urban centers cannot be done singlehandedly.  As a result, we are seeking individuals and/or organizations that would consider collaborating with us by joining the Pathways to Purpose Committee. This committee will be established to help cast vision and provide direction as we work with our students towards our ultimate goal of seeing 100% post-secondary placement.

Interested in joining? Email info@elevateindy.org.

The Thriving Futures Fund is made possible by the generosity of The Creek, a local church on the Southside of Indianapolis.

The fund will be available for Elevate staff to utilize for qualifying Elevate seniors and alumni who are facing barriers to moving ahead towards their post-secondary goals. The fund will be managed by Elevate’s Pathways to Purpose department and will be targeted to provide for needs that present barriers for our student’s moving forward successfully, like SAT/ACT fees, college application fees, small college-related fees/expenses, job skills/technical training and supplies for workforce placement opportunities (apprenticeship fees, tools, work boots etc.).  

For more information on Pathways to Purpose

Visit elevateindy.org/PathwaysToPurpose If you would like to get involved or interested in joining the Pathways to Purpose Committee, please contact Adam Johnson, Pathways to Purpose Manager, adam@elevateindy.org