Collaboration is at Our Core | Elevate Indianapolis

One of our Core Beliefs at Elevate Indianapolis is centered around COLLABORATION.

We believe that COLLABORATION yields the best long-term results, acknowledging that the complex work in our urban centers cannot be done single-handedly.

Elevate aims to take a holistic approach when serving students by focusing on the seven areas of a whole person – Social, Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Vocational, Emotional, and Intellectual. In doing so we recognize that our staff, although rockstars,  are not experts in all seven areas so we rely on collaboration to help serve our students well. Collaboration is not just a concept we preach but one that we actively practice daily. Below are just some of our great partners with whom we collaborate to create better programming and experiences for our students.



We proudly partner with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) to deliver life-changing programming to students. Since 2016, Elevate has been teaching character quality and life skills classes in IPS schools. Recently, we’ve been able to deepen this collaboration through the college common core program. Click here to read more.


Dream AliveDream Alive (DA) is another great partner that we collaborate regularly with. DA has a unique approach that serves students from 7th-12th grade in a 6-year continuum of mentor programming designed to help youth develop a career path, soft skills, and a professional network before their high school graduation. DA has a strong middle school presence, we’re able to offer continued support to students as they transition into high school. We’re also able to expose our students to more support as they prepare for life beyond high school by partnering with DA.

NewfieldsNewfields partners with Elevate by offering students the opportunity to expand their horizons through the study and appreciation of art. This year alone, they have donated 200 tickets so our students can experience something truly unique. We use these out-of-school experiences as opportunities to mentor, connect and inspire our students uniquely, paving the path for life-changing transformations.


Another incredible partner in collaboration is Purposeful Design (PD). Not only is PD a great place for us to bring students on a business vision trip, but they also offer life-changing programming to Elevate students through their School of Woodworking and Discipleship. During this past summer, numerous Elevate students had the unique opportunity to engage in a week-long immersive experience, delving into the world of woodworking and gaining valuable insights into this profession.

Shepherd Community Center has been another great partner and collaborator over the years. Not only have they been able to serve our students and their families through needed services, but they’ve also been able to come alongside our staff and offer meaningful college & career training opportunities. Shepherd offers an array of services to residents on the Eastside of Indianapolis and beyond, and as a result, we’re constantly looking at more and more ways to collaborate with them.

Saint Joseph’s College at Marian University is another incredible organization that we collaborate with. Saint Joseph’s College has a unique approach to serving urban youth by making higher education not only accessible but also affordable, through an earn and learn model that pairs students with jobs in their field of study to help cover tuition costs. Elevate is proud to have had several alumni attend this great college as they continue on their journey of learning how to become thriving contributors in their community.


We understand that by working hand in hand with our community partners, schools, and local organizations, we can leverage our collective strengths to address the multifaceted challenges our urban centers face.  Together, we are stronger and more capable of achieving sustainable transformation.