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Partner to Impact Westside Children with Elevate Indy

Elevate Indianapolis was founded in 2016 replicating Elevate USA, a national model with a 40-year history when we launched in the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS). To date Elevate has served over 550+ IPS students in 3 near-eastside schools.

Elevate Indianapolis serves high-risk IPS students with a pipeline of continuous support beginning in elementary school and continuing through high school graduation.  The pipeline begins with 4th and 5th grade students at an elementary school which “feeds” into a middle school and high school. All three schools offer simultaneous Elevate programming.

The pipeline of support centers around positive relationships between students and their Elevate teacher-mentors. Teacher-mentors are a daily presence in the lives of Elevate students inside and outside of the classroom, year around 24//365.

Elevate teacher-mentors engage shoulder to shoulder with students in four primary ways throughout the calendar year: in-class learning, after school mentoring and events, post-secondary preparation, and unique adventure opportunities.


At Elevate, we believe that every child is of great worth and has the desire and potential to succeed.  However, there are significant circumstances challenging IPS students and preventing them from achieving their dreams.

It’s our vision to launch a second Elevate Indy pipeline in the near-westside of Indianapolis.

Outside of the classroom, many high-risk children live in generational poverty and are accustomed to a transient home life.  Often lacking consistent positive adult relationships, experience an increased likelihood of teen pregnancy compared to teens in Indianapolis as a whole, and they live in a culture where dropping out of high school is commonplace.

Most Recent George Washington High School (According to Chalkbeat)
Number of Students





Reading Proficiency English Language Learners
722 62% 5% 24% 25%

Without community support for George Washington students to keep them in school and on track for graduation, dropout rates may rise.  The swelling number of students without a diploma and the job skills necessary to obtain gainful employment will stagnate economic growth and deteriorate the social well-being of local communities.

For more detail review our Elevate Indianapolis Westside Strategic Plan.


YES! The Elevate model is data driven which leads to its impact and results. Data collection and analysis are utilized to demonstrate outcomes and make continuous improvements to create lasting change.

  • 50% of all out of school mentoring happens in collaboration with partners.
  • 90% of Elevate Indy students graduate from high school.
  • 80% of Elevate high school students are on track to graduate.
  • 80% of Elevate Indy graduates are ready to be enrolled, enlisted, or employed.
  • 47% of Elevate Indy students give back to their communities by engaging in community service activities.

Elevate Indy staff publish weekly dashboards of complete program activity and student caseloads. Each year, Elevate Indy facilitates the annual Thriving Youth Scorecard process that includes the 40 Developmental Assets survey, in addition to focus group student discussions, web-based app questionnaires, and annual fidelity assessments with Elevate USA and school partners.


To impact over 450 new Elevate students annually, your investment is critical. Will you partner with us to serve our community? To create the type of world-class city for all our citizens, will you invest in our westside expansion?

Thanks to the generosity of community partners and foundations, Elevate Indy has secured nearly $150,000 of funding to launch into the westside.

If you would like to join others who’ve already given and make an investment online, use the form below.

To arrange a site visit, attend an engagement event to meet and serve Elevate Indy students, or learn more about our westside expansion from our president, Aaron Story, contact Jackson@elevateindy.org.