Success Stories | Elevate Indianapolis

Elevate students embody passion and perseverance towards academic and professional success. They inspire us to keep going, keep moving, and keep believing in something bigger. These are the stories of students who have walked with us through the last four years. They are the students who contribute to the Elevate graduation rate of 90% and are changing the Indianapolis community. For more information on how you can impact the life of Indianapolis youth, check out our Pathways to Purpose program here.

Stephan, a Ball State University freshman, credits Elevate with altering his life’s direction:

Elevate impacted my high school experience HEAVILY, because I didn’t really have anyone to talk to at the time until then. Elevate is the reason I grew and came out of my shell. I also learned how to stay out of my comfort zone for long periods of time and become flexible. I learned how to give a good handshake, have a good interview, and basically how to survive outside of high school.

Neonna, now an Oakland City University freshman, put it this way:

I believe that having a mentor was the most impactful thing from my years in Elevate. It stood out from most programs I’ve been in because they really care about the students’ well being and not just the program itself.

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