Student Spotlight: Chris | Elevate Indianapolis
Chris, Graduate from Arsenal Tech High School

Elevate students embody passion and perseverance towards academic and professional success. They inspire us to keep going, keep moving, and keep believing in something bigger. Telling their stories is extremely important to us, so we will begin to spotlight Elevate students and alumni from Indianapolis a few times a month, asking them to talk about their experience with Elevate.

Chris was an Elevate student for 3 years and is a 2019 graduate from Arsenal Tech High School. We asked him to talk about how Elevate has impacted him academically, personally, and socially. These were his responses:

The most important thing I learned from Elevate is the job readiness that I was taught. It’s gotten me the job I have now allowing me to make very good money as a pipe welder.

“The one thing that has made me successful that I have learned is visioning my future, which was one of the character traits Elevate taught us. I’ve have been planning weeks ahead and even months ahead to further myself entirely.

“I’m using everything I have learned from Elevate from the integrity to gain my bosses trust to the courage to debate with the older souls that work at my work place to get things working more efficiently.

“I live on the east side with roommates so I can save cash to buy a house so I can rent rooms out cheap to people in need or to veterans. The one challenge that faces me now is myself and becoming more dedicated to make more of a dent in this world and also learning proper way to open up housing for us veterans.”

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