Sports & Adventure Expansion | Elevate Indianapolis



The Elevate Sports & Adventure Program exists to facilitate growth through challenges with Indy youth.

Students spend quality time with Teacher-Mentors and experience micro successes and failures in a safe environment, learn to lean on teams, and discover how to have a posture toward life that is essential for future success. This platform for programming builds life-changing relationships.As we proclaim, “Indianapolis is the amateur sports capital of the world” but sadly so many of the students we serve are left out of life-changing opportunities that sports can provide. As we look towards expanding Elevate in the neighborhoods we currently serve in, I believe our Sports & Adventure programming can be a great partner with schools, companies, volunteers, and even other non-profits to join together for greater long-term community impact,” – Aaron Story, CEO & President, Elevate Indy.

Through our efforts in 2021 Elevate Indy’s Sports & Adventure Program has mentored well over 100 students, averaging 23.13 hours per participant. “Under this umbrella of Sports & Adventure, we have the opportunity to open many more doors for our students than ever before, to challenge and engage them and to dive into deeper conversations that help them grow in character and social-emotional awareness. The sky is their limit!” – Josh Mendoza, Teacher-Mentor.
Click on the video below to watch firsthand how through the expansion of our Sports & Adventure program, it facilitates deeper lifelong student-mentor relationships.


When we set out to expand our Sports & Adventure Program, we knew that it also needed a re-fresh, so we looked to our friends at Pitch & Catch Creative, a full-service marketing agency from Southern Indiana, to help us. Through hundreds of volunteer hours working on everything from logo design to our formal press release, they have been there right by our side working hard to help us better tell our story as it pertains to this core program area. Here at Elevate, when we give praise we like to “snap it up,” so Pitch & Catch – snaps to you! 
If you or your company are looking for ways to come alongside our Sports & Adventure program expansion, just as Pitch & Catch has, please reach out to our Engagement Manager, Jackson Gutierrez – We are looking for long-term partners that want to make a difference in the lives of urban youth through sports & adventure opportunities.