I’ve wanted to help, but I don’t know how | Elevate Indianapolis

Over the last 15 years of serving young people, I’ve often heard it said, “I want to help these kids, but I don’t know how.” People who care deeply about our city’s next generation lament their concerns about not knowing how to positively impact the tens of thousands of economically disadvantaged youth in our city.

For many of the students we serve, our city schools meet much more than their educational needs. With an extended time period without school, the potential negative impact on high-risk opportunity youth can’t be overstated. An extended time away from school due to the COVID-19 Virus precautions on top of Spring Break cause resource stretching beyond the capability to recover for many of the students and families we support.  

Although the schools we serve in are closed, our Elevate team continues to be committed to supporting our students through long-term life-changing relationships with urban youth in our 24-7-365 mentoring model. 

What we say at Elevate often is, “No one gets there alone; that’s why Elevate shows up.” Our students depend on us to do just that. Our staff will be carefully delivering food and essential items to students who’ve been identified in need of support and who lack transportation to gain access to the free meals across the city.

At this point, we’ve set a goal of raising $2,500 to be designated towards these efforts.  Every donation through this link (CLICK HERE) will go 100% towards meeting the physical needs of our most vulnerable students. 

If you find yourself saying, “I want to help but don’t know how,” here is a way to help us make an immediate impact. And our team is grateful to be able to invest in our students in this season as a result of your partnership.  Watch for special updates on Facebook and via email about our response efforts.