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Stories of 24-7 Impact

At Elevate, we are often asked, “Who does your program serve?”  So we share that our students are in 4th to 12th grade, come from all over the city in over 20 zip codes, and are enrolled at Arsenal Tech & George Washington High Schools, Theodore Potter Elementary, Matchbook Learning, & Harshman Middle School.  We often share that our students are 86% BIPOC and that the predominance of our students lives in economic disadvantage.  We would also say that we serve an even split between male and female students and even may tell you that our students are on track to graduate at an 18% higher rate than their peers.   

But our students are more than the statistics they represent.  They are individual people, learning to make a difference in their own lives and in our community, being influenced by the 24-7 Impact of our Teacher-Mentors.   

Our students are Michael*, who had a major concussion from playing football as a freshman and got his bearings back in our classroom as he grieved the loss of the sport he loved and the sense of identity it gave him. He’s in his third year of classes with us now. Our students are Simone, who sat in the classroom so quietly we thought she wasn’t paying any attention at all her freshman year.  Now that she’s a junior, she is a strong leader who wrangles her fellow classmates into lively discussions about how to live out their values — she often wears a shirt that says, “This Princess will rescue Herself.” 

Our students are also Jacqueline, an Elevate Senior who is gearing up for the next chapter of her life as she finishes strong at Arsenal Tech High School. You can watch her story about how Elevate has impacted her life for over 3 years by clicking the video below.

Hear Jacqueline's story of impact.

These are our students—this is Elevate. 

*Student names have been changed for privacy