Building Life-Changing Relationships in the Midst of COVID-19 | Elevate Indianapolis

We are incredibly grateful for your faith, confidence, and support of our ongoing efforts through these complicated and difficult times. Overall, the morale of our staff remains high, with program staff benefitting from daily virtual check-ins. We are also hosting virtual all staff and area team meetings, as well as e-learning training to prepare to transition our state-accredited elective classes virtually. Our staff is staying connected and involved in the lives of our students daily and has provided much needed emotional and physical support throughout the past 3 weeks.

In addition to maintaining our current programs and connections with students, our staff is also finding new ways to serve our community during this challenging time. We continue to enhance our “unity of effort” in our city by strengthening ties and sharing resources with community partners and other nonprofit organizations.

With Indianapolis Public Schools to remain closed to in-person education through the end of the school year, that extends the impact on our In-School Program. Nevertheless, we are leveraging technology such as Zoom, Slack, Instagram, and Facebook and other adaptations to continue mentoring and caring for our students remotely.

Through it all our “why” and “what” won’t change. We exist to build long-term, life-changing relationships with urban students equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community.

All expenses related to serving students because of the impact of the Coronavirus are unbudgeted. Any size investment you make will partner to make a great impact in this season. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to watch the impact of your investment immediately.