Annual Report 2021 | Elevate Indianapolis



Just-In 2021 Annual Report!

It’s with great anticipation that we all begin a New Year and look to renewed hope for what blessings might come with it in our families, city, state, and country. We are so appreciative and humbled for your generous support and partnership, along with the work of our board and incredible staff, that we share our Annual Report about the impact made throughout 2021.

In this special update, we wanted to share a few highlights from the Annual Report and also point you to the online version for reference.

Each fall and spring, our high school students take a pre and post assessment called the  “Thriving Youth Survey,” a third-party administered evaluation that gauges our relative impact from year to year and compares it to the 14 other Elevate affiliates across the US. The results from 2020-2021 are attached. Last year, many of our students struggled during COVID-19 restrictions; some were hesitant to interact in person, and school was largely online, resulting in many social challenges. Those struggles are reflected in the data, indicating less engagement from students in many areas than is typical. However, we were pleased to have kept pace in all four measured areas of impact (Education, Community, Social-Emotional, & Character) with other Elevate affiliates and I couldn’t be more proud of how our staff invested in a challenging season.

We often get the question of “Who does Elevate serve?” Above is a snapshot of who we served in 2021. Our students come from all over the city, and we find they all have one thing in common–they want to thrive and contribute. Due to that deep desire, we are able to come alongside them and mentor holistically, helping them move forward on a pathway to purpose.

If you haven’t already seen the full report, we would encourage you to view/download it digitally by clicking here or email us at to request a mailed one.