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The 24-7 Impact Initiative

Elevate shows up 24-7

As students show up for school this year, Elevate Teacher-Mentors will show up for them 24 hours a day 7 days a week to build long-term relationships and make life-changing impact. In support of students going back to school, Elevate has launched The 24-7 Impact Initiative.

For the first 24 days of August, we are looking for allies to consider serving our students through making a reoccurring-monthly gift of $24.70 throughout the next year! Will you join with us this year in making life-changing impact by serving our students 24-7 through making a monthly gift of $24.70? Click the button below to make join the initiative.

We are grateful for all of our regular supporters and would ask you to consider transiting your gift to a recurring-monthly gift in support of The 24-7 Impact Initiative. We invite you to join us in this 24-7 life-changing impact opportunity too.

Your gift will directly impact the work our Teacher-Mentors that are going inside and outside of the classroom, during 1:1 & group mentoring sessions, college &career prep, along with providing sports & adventure opportunities.

Click to the button below to join us in making a 24-7 impact in the lives of our students every month. Contribute to The 24-7 Impact Initiative today!

“No one gets there alone…that’s why Elevate shows up.”