Why Elevate?

Elevate Indianapolis Provides Opportunities Through a Proven Model to Positively Change the Lives of Participating Students

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Our Holistic Approach

Elevate works in public schools, with students from 4th through 12th grades, instilling the program model's 13 character qualities and life skills

Juniors and seniors are taught to teach the same qualities and skills once weekly to 4th/5th graders, while teacher/mentors teach once weekly to middle school students. This forms a unique and effective "pipeline" learning continuum.

The Pipeline

Our Solution Works

Elevate Indianapolis provides opportunities through a proven model for real hope, encouragement, cultural change and pathway to break the cycle of generational poverty by positively changing the lives of participating students

Elevate Model Results

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Graduation RatesPost-Secondary Placement
Denver, CO90%86%
Orlando, FL97%95%
Phoenix, AZ98%90%
New York, NY96%96%
Indianapolis, IN?Started January 2016?Started January 2016

Elevate is really providing on a small scale what I’d like to see across the campus. Being able to build that capacity within students and then have the students be able to advovate to elementary and middle school kids is what we would like to see happen.

Julie Bakehorn, Principal, Arsenal Tech High School

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Elevate is not about education reform or just another mentoring organization. We invest in the lives of our urban kids everyday -- in the classroom ... after school ... in the summer ... holistically ... year-round. Through a highly effective model in four other major cities, Elevate is unique, unlike any other model in our city.

Is there any commodity more important than investing in urban kids who are fighting to overcome circumstances in which they did not choose to change generational poverty and learn they can achieve a positive future? Elevate believes not.

Please join our efforts to help transform the state's largest school district ... our urban core ... our city.


It costs approx. $1,200 per Elevate kid annually to change their life forever. Support us today...every dollar counts!

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